BASSERS UNITED|バサーズ・ユナイテッド


Please take a couple of minutes to read and understand our policies. If you don't agree with our policies, we don't sell.

1.About Customer Information

Customer information is the information that can indentify specific individuals such as name, date of birth, adress, telephone number and so on. Those information can be matched with other information, thereby we would be able to identify specific individuals.

2.The way to use the information

We are going to use the customer information for the following purposes.
1.To fulfill our debt in the purchase and sales transaction
2.To carry out the after-sales service
3.To inform special services and new products
4.To send e-mail magazines
In addition to these purposes, unless we have gotten consent to customers or the situation described below 3, we will not use customer information.

3.Entrustment of Customer Information to third parties

We sometimes enstrument your Information in order to achieve our goals.

4.Prividing Customer Information to third parties

We will not be provided persinal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent.

5.Contact about Customer Information

Kumano building B1F, 28-63, Shogoinsannocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto fu, 606-8392, Japan