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Category : NEWS - 2016.10.12 Update

It is the result of "Sabotage #6" at Lake biwa on October 2, 2016.”Sabotage” is the largest shore fishing battle in Japan.

There were 300 entries this time.It was rainy at the time of the start, but the weather gradually cleared.

We started the entry acceptance in the rain.
After explaining the rule and distributing the entry card, the battle started.
After the battle, participates returned one after another. We presented the prize for participation.
Red bull girls distributed Red bull as usual.
We hold also the exhibition.Decadeworks, Deps, Laysam, Tulala, and Bassers united displayed their products.We are going to increase the number of exhibitors next time.
The host of the awards ceremony is Zatsuo from Red head.
Prizewinners of “SABOTAGE #6”. We presented them the luxurious prize of sponsors. Congratulations!
The championship prize was the Low down custom’s original rod collaborating with Bassers united.
The lottery almost all the participants got.


Thank you very much for all of you who participated, and supported companies!

We are planning to hold “Sabotage #7” next spring.
For details, we will announce they as soon as we decide.
We deliver the latest information on Facebook and Instagram of Bassers united, so please follow us!
See you again in "Sabotage #7”.

You can see the photos of “Sabotage #6” in the following Facebook page.


Category : NEWS - 2016.10.12 Update