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Category : NEWS - 2016.05.25 Update

It is the result of "SABOTAGE #5" at Lake biwa on May 15, 2016. "SABOTAGE" is the largest shore fishing battle in Japan.

There were 372 entries this time.The number of fish which the participants caught was 274.

After the battle, participates returned one after another and received the prizes for participation.
The red bull girl presented a red bull to participants.
We displayed X-trail at the Nissan booth.
A master of ceremonies of the commendation ceremony was Zastuo from Red head. 
Everyone was so excited at the ceremony held soon after the battle.
The prizewinners of "SABOTAGE #5". 
We presented the super luxurious prize from the support company. Congratulations!
The championship prize was the Fragment’s custom rod with a logo of Bassers united.
The lottery of luxurious prizes which all the participants can get.


Thank you very much for participating in this battle and also give thanks to all of the companies which supported this event.

We are planning to hold "SABOTAGE #6" this autumn. We will announce the details as soon as they are decided. The latest information can be found on the Facebook and Instagram of BASSERS UNITED. Please follow us!

See you again at our next battle "SABOTAGE #6" You can see the photos of "SABOTAGE #5" on the following Facebook Page.


Category : NEWS - 2016.05.25 Update